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Freelance writer based out of Bombay. Usually write on politics, history and socio-linguistics

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The Greys of Religious Bigotry | Economic and Political Weekly

The Greys of Religious Bigotry | Economic and Polit...

Shoaib Daniyal | Economic and Political Weekly

Vol - XLIX No. 45, November 08, 2014 | Shoaib Daniyal · Commentary. Religious fundamentalism has been gaining currency in myriad forms, often defining ......

Commentary | Economic and Political Weekly

The interlinking of rivers (ILR) project is in the news again. The Union Minister for Water Resources, Uma Bharti, is reported to have said that the execution of the ......

Vol. 49, Issue No.45, November 8, 2014 | Economic and Political ...

Nov 8, 2014 ... Shoaib Daniyal Through the Looking Glass: The Domicile Debate of Jharkhand Nirmal Sengupta Regional Comprehensive Economic ......


We need to understand the many-headed nature of discrimination prevailing on the campuses of higher education in India. This article argues that discrimination  ......