Freelance journalist.

Freelance writer based out of Bombay. Usually write on politics, history and socio-linguistics

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Helter Skelter | The Case for the Lungi (and Against Pants)

Helter Skelter | The Case for the Lungi (and Agains...

Hs graph article

Helter Skelter | Issue: August-October ’13

An online magazine with a focus on independent and alternative culture in India....

Puneinvasion article

Helter Skelter | Live in Pune: Ma Faiza + Yusuf Kapasi

The first Eristoff Invasion 2012 pre-party takes places at the Hard Rock Café in Pune on Friday, February 10. Details inside....

Hsnw3 trees feat article

Helter Skelter | Trees

The girl and the boy made love to each other every night, and every night they climaxed knowing that they had climbed trees to get to one another....

Elrhino1 article

Helter Skelter | Pooper Paper

Elrhino, a manufacturer of handcrafted, wood-free paper made from elephant and rhino dung, aims to form an economic bond between humans and animals in Assam....

Gangotri article

Helter Skelter | U-bends: Gangotri

Ganga, borne aloft, wound her way towards her white marble temple where a million iridescent triangles danced wildly....

Livefromtheconsole article

Helter Skelter | Fourth Edition: Live from the Console

Features Blakc, Dischordian, Sonaluna & Tek, and the India premiere of the Pearl Jam Twenty documentary....

Summer1 article

Helter Skelter | Days of Being Wild

In my country, summer is the season when possibility often trumps over probability....

Bookwrite article

Helter Skelter | Good Indian Girls Don’t

A not-so-samajdar-beti decides to take a year off from academia, fly off to the city of her birth, and start working on her first novel....

Pouroosh article

Helter Skelter | The Magic Dragon

What do you get when you have nine generations of magic flowing through your veins? Meet the new age P. C. Sorcar....

Kasol 11 article

Helter Skelter | Kasol Capers

Visiting Kasol in January is a little bizarre, but an adventure nonetheless....

7daystonh7day4 article

Helter Skelter | Soul to Squeeze

Here's what you can expect from the Dewarists Stage at the Bacardi NH7 Weekender this year....

Hsnw3 hyphens1 article

Helter Skelter | Hyphens Are Pink

There were moments when our rhythms matched, and our feet, with a muddy shoe or two, were up in the blue sky together....

Rape article

Helter Skelter | Sacred Cows, Indispensable Women

Even in a country as inherently classist as India, a lower class man has far more power than an upper class woman....

Jesuisaib helterskelter article

Helter Skelter | A Contemplation of Satire

This isn’t just about defending to the death the rights of a few comedians to make dirty jokes. It’s about building a space in our country for satire....