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Freelance writer based out of Bombay. Usually write on politics, history and socio-linguistics

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Nehru1 article

Why India's founding fathers curbed free speech - Quartz

Why India's founding fathers curbed free speech - Q...

Xx article

This animated map shows how Sanskrit may have come to India

Evolutionary biologists at the University of Auckland find that Indo-European speakers may have come into India from modern-day Turkey....

Flags article

Even Google Maps knows how dysfunctional India-Pakistan relations are

What's the distance between Naya Nangal in Indian Punjab and Lahore in Pakistani Punjab?...

Ramzan1 article

Why Indian Muslims are using the Arabic word “Ramadan” instead of the traditional “Ramzan”

Increasingly, Indian Muslims are looking to a globalised Saudi brand of Islam for inspiration....

Rtr1yk92 reuters alysong article

Language - Quartz

Geographical borders are almost irrelevant to the information that flows around the web and global financial system, but linguistic barriers are still very real. And while English remains the language of global business, a growing share of the internet's content is being produced in other languages. We explore how multinational...

Qz og img article


Quartz is a digitally native news outlet for the new global economy....


How to design the cover of a South Asian novel: include a shy woman in dupatta, the Taj, mangoes

Across the world, publishers package prejudice by pandering to readers' stereotypes....


Why Indian mangoes are better than Pakistani ones

The explosive case for mango nationalism....


Is Delhi University really prepared to enroll transgender students?

Students say the institution does not have mechanisms in place to deal with harassment and other practical problems that transgenders could face....


Seven things Malaysian pilot Zaharie Shah's internet footprint tells us about him

The pilot of the missing Malaysian plane loved noodles, model aircraft and balloons twisted into funny shapes....


In Gujarat, the media only speaks to riot victims, not the perpetrators

The stories written by many journalists reflect their own anxieties, stereotypes and ideological leanings rather than what they have seen....


Why one activist wants to rename 'skin' coloured crayons in India

A 20-year-old law student has filed a case against Hindustan Pencils in a consumer court and launched an online drive called Brown n Proud...


Do Mumbai's streetside flower sellers really get their roses from graveyards?

There is a far less gory explanation for why street vendors are able to sell expensive bouquets for just Rs 100: they get yesterday's flowers from five-star hotels....

Boiling rasgulla   digha   east midnapore   2015 05 02 9571 article

A short history of those pearly white, mouthwatering rasgullas

A fierce turf war has broken out over whether the rasgulla was invented in Bengal or Odisha....